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Our Chefs are Amazing

Last night we decided to meet at 7:45 each morning for scripture study before breakfast. I’m not sure how well that will work for me, because I’m used to sleeping until I wake without ever using an alarm. That usually translates to me waking up around 8, but there’s no guarantee. I’m definitely not a morning person, so we’ll see how it goes.

I didn’t get to sleep last night until about midnight. Then I woke a few times due to noises and other things. By 7:00 I definitely didn’t feel like I slept enough, but it was time to start the day. Our two chefs were here and preparing breakfast. They cut up fresh fruit into big bowls. We had pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberry, and papaya. I sucked down a lot of fruit. I’m so in love with papaya. The main part of breakfast was “typical” Guatemalan. We had eggs, black beans, and platanos fritos con crema. I loved the fresh fruit. The eggs had a nice salsa. The black beans had a really complex flavor.

It’s starting to dawn on me that I’m eating a lot more for each meal here than I would normally have eaten at home. That was definitely true at breakfast. I piled on the fresh fruit. Charmaine gave me some of her eggs (she’s not a big fan of runny yolks, but I am). I need to find a way to do portion control, but it’s not going to be easy with breakfasts like that.

The problem only got worse at lunch. For lunch they made us a chicken soup and guacamole that blew my mind. I asked for seconds and they filled my bowl again. Charmaine asked them if they had a recipe for it and they just laughed and pointed to their heads. I said it’s a family secret (the two chefs are sisters), and they laughed again. I’m still hoping we can get a recipe out of them before we leave… or at very least have that soup a few more times. Wow.

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