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Cortes de Pelo

I needed a haircut before we came to Guatemala. I didn’t get one because of various factors and the way I prioritized my time. After another five weeks of uncontrolled growth down here, I was in bad shape. Brett and his boys were also looking shaggy, so we found the barber shop with the highest reviews in Antigua and set up some appointments to get haircuts.

The major hair style down here is the fade, which is a cut where they use a shorter set of clippers on the sides and back to taper and blend it all the way down to your skin at the bottom. It gives the look of your hair fading away into your skin. It’s especially popular among teen-agers and college kids. Brett’s younger boys were very excited to get fade cuts and they turned out great. Brett and I didn’t go quite as extreme, although Brett did get the hot-towel straight-razor shave. Goodbye beard.

Romeo and David did a fantastic job at Classic Barbershop Antigua. Not only did we get amazing haircuts, but we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. They even had ice-cold cans of coke for us to enjoy while they worked. I only wish we had visited our first few weeks here so there would be time to go back. I think I would have tried more of a fade. Maybe I still will.

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