Church in Antigua

I didn’t pack the right attire for attending church here. I packed my usual Duluth Trading Company pants and a dark polo shirt. Most places we go that works out ok, but in Guatemala they really dress up for church. I didn’t really know that and so I found myself underdressed. But we still went.

The church is on the other side of town from where we are staying, so we started walking around 8:30 and got to church around 8:50. We wondered if they would be doing church via zoom here or not. On one hand it’s a little harder for people to get around, so being able to do remote church seems like a great thing. But on the other hand we wondered how many people would have access to a computer and internet in order to watch church remotely. As it turned out, they have both live church and they stream it over zoom.

The building is fairly small, but really nice. There were only a few people in the chapel when we got there, and not many more showed up after us. One guy who moved here from Canada about 9 or 10 years ago told us most people watch from home and most of the people who show up are the ones who were asked to participate in the program. Everything was in Spanish, of course, so it made it a little difficult to pay attention. We caught most of the gist of what was being said, but it made me tired trying to focus and translate at the same time.

On the way home we stopped at a French bakery and picked up some good stuff. I really liked the empanadas (from a French bakery??) and the ham and cheese croissants. They also had some good pain aux raisin, but they just don’t compare to Mac’s.

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