Meteora to Santorini

The day started early. We had to drive back to Athens in time to catch a flight to Santorini, and that meant leaving the hotel before 7:00. Breakfast doesn't start…

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We spent the day in Meteora from sunrise to sunset and even toured the monasteries.

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From Athens to Meteora

The drive to Meteora was beautiful. Greece is so much greener and prettier than I expected it would be. I think I expected dry rocky coastlines and desert-like conditions, but that's almost the opposite of what we saw.

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Off to Athens

We walked all around the Acropolis and then went through the museum of the same name. Both were very cool, but we won't need to visit either one of them again.

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Pacaya por fin

We originally planned on hiking and camping on Pacaya last month, but it decided to blow its top sending enough ash raining down to force the closure of the airport…

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