After a year of consideration and on-and-off research, I finally found a way to stop driving the Nissan Armada around. The point of not driving it is to save the…

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Ubuntu Server

I finally upgraded my Linux firewall at home. I had a hard drive warn me that it was going to die soon (S.M.A.R.T. saved my bacon), so I decided the…

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Comment Spam

It's funny.  I had pretty much abandoned this blog a long time ago, but here I am contemplating actually blogging (my last false-start probably shouldn't count).  Why?  Because the WordPress…

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Personal Information Loss

Your personal information is not yours at all. Companies collect it, buy it, sell it, archive it, mine it, crunch it, and even lose track of it. Many companies have recently disclosed that they have lost track of the information they collected on their employees and customers.

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Clearly Not a Copyright Violation

I want to introduce you to a technology that has improved the DVD watching experience for me. ClearPlay has developed a technology that makes it possible to see everything you want to see from your DVD and nothing that you don't.

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